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Angry video game nerd

Not work safe, lots of swearing, very funny.

See his review of bible games on youtube.

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Yowza!  Pappa Neil just introduced me to, a site run by IBM.  The site’s primary purpose is to create insightful visualisations of datasets.

You need to visit the site, and take a look at the different ways they represent data sets.  This may be useful for you in analysing or presenting data you are struggling with.

My favourite nuggets of learning are the word tree and bubble chart.  Coolness.

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It is quite hard to create a skin for Mediawiki and WordPress. I have spent the past few days finishing my mediawiki one. Now I am building an identical skin for WordPress.

Most of the cross-browser compatibility issues for both apps have been resolved. My current challenge is to create a generic approach for wordpress sidebar widgets.

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Mediawiki skin close to first release

My new Mediawiki skin is almost ready to be used in anger. The most difficult part has been building in Internet Explorer compatibility. The latest version is visible on my wiki.

I spent several hours last night tweaking my skin to make it work with Firefox (yay), Safari (yay), and IE (boo). IE was by far the most difficult, with many little tweaks required to get it just right.

I want to spend some time using the skin myself before packaging it for download. I also want to port it to WordPress (and possibly Gallery) so my entire site can have a consistent look.

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