Broken intellisense when working with Microsoft Sharepoint

I have to say, getting up to speed with WSS/MOSS programming is rather difficult after four years of having nothing but javascript and vba.

One thing that’s is evident is that Intellisense is vital to being productive. It’s just far too slow to develop without it.

So when Intellisense died in VS2005, I got grumpy. It wasn’t totally dead, just mostly dead. It would still give me references to strings and stuff, but the entire Microsoft.Sharepoint library was Intellisense free.

I eventually found a solution on my own, although I won’t claim to understand it.

in the 12 Hive there’s a file called Microsoft.Sharepoint.xml, which seems to contain the Intellisense definitions. All you need to do is “touch” it (i.e. change the file modification date), restart Visual Studio, and Intellisense springs back to life.

The file is under the ISAPI folder. Take a backup obviously.

I did try two other things which may or may not have helped.

I cleared out all the files in:

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Microsoft\VisualStudio\8.0\ReflectedSchemas

which is apparently the Intellisense cache. I did this before playing with Microsoft.Sharepoint.xml, but only had a little joy (a few more things came back but nothing in Microsoft.Sharepoint).

I also removed the Microsoft.Sharepoint.dll and added it back in, but can’t tell if it helped or not.

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