Fixing the “We couldn’t find what you’re looking for” error in Outlook 2013

If you’re getting the irritating “We couldn’t find what you’re looking for” error, it can be frustrating to fix.

Ultimately I had to fix the problem from outside of Outlook. I went to my “Change how Windows Searches” option dialog and rebuilt the index. I tried the exact same thing from inside Outlook but nothing ever happened.



Important: Before getting this to work, I also removed Outlook as an indexed location, restarted my PC, and then re-added it. However, this only partially helped, and there was still stuff missing from the index.

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How to reattach a Sharepoint workflow

Have you ever had to re-attach a Sharepoint workflow after it has been removed?

It is impossible via the browser (from what I can see) and via designer it is far from obvious how to accomplish this. What you need to do is open the workflow in Sharepoint Designer, click “Finish” and the workflow will re-attach itself. Not very obvious, but it works.

Unfortunately there is no way to associate a workflow with another list unless you open the various workflow xml files change the list guids inside.

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March 31 possible Nokia N97 release date

According to play.com, the N97 is due to be released March 31 and looks to be priced at £479.99.  Now, it’s most likely that play.com have merely put down the last date of Q1 in hope that it will arrive by then, but I can live with that.

It’s also good to know the full retail price is £20 less than the 8gb iPhone 3G and £120 less than the 16gb iPhone 3G.

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing this phone.

Update Jan 26: Looks like Nokia has come out and stated that March 31 IS NOT the official release date.

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Confessions from a closet Mac admirer

For a while I have been coveting my neighbour’s wife.  I have longed for his flashy car.  I have been stealing glimpses of his well manicured lawn over the fence between our two houses.

I wants his Mac.

It all started two years ago.  I had just joined Linklaters, and was working with Matthew Parsons.

Matthew loves Macs.

Matthew promised one was in my future and that I would own on within 12-18 months.  Ha!

He showed me Keynote, and the presentations he had put together using it.  “Try doing that in Powerpoint!” he said.

I stared down at my shoes and refused to look him in the eye.

When doing internal presentations, I began to insist upon using Keynote to put the slides together.  We had to revert to pdf so the slides could be shared, but the loss of the animations was acceptable.

Still, I did not buy one.

I borrowed his Powerbook to put together something for my football team.  The process was both frustrating and enlightening.  The annoying things that didn’t work the way I wanted were down to habits built up over many years.  For example, while the Powerbook only has one button, you can get the “right-click” experience by drumming two fingers on the keyboard.

Different, but simple.

One year passed, and nary a Mac to be seen in the house of Neil.  Matthew threatened to buy me a Mac instead of giving me bonus.  I was indignant.

Still, my resolve was weakening.

The walls came tumbling down on June 12, 2007.  I downloaded the Jobs keynote address from the World Wide Developer Conference.  Love or hate Macs, the man is a genius when it comes to presenting.

Came for the presentation, stayed for the Mac.  Leopard blew my socks of.  I drooled all over myself.

Serious, SERIOUS computer envy.

Later that month I flew back to Vancouver to visit my mother who was ill.  She has complained about her Windows computer for years, and now I had the answer.  We discussed the idea of getting her a shiny new iMac once they were released and she was sold.

I came back to Vancouver in August for a scheduled holiday and bought a beautiful new 20″ iMac.  Taking that machine out of the box was a 2001 Space Odyssey moment. 
Mom doesn’t care for technology at all, but she liked it. 

The next few days I showed her how to use it, and she began to gloat to my father, a Windows and Linux man, about her new computer.  He subsequently tried to sabbotage it by installing Open Office, but mom figured out how to download and install iWork and is using Pages instead. 

Months later and she is still happy about her computer (“I can listen to the BBC on it!”).  It just works.

Since August, I’ve been waiting patiently.  First, I waited for the release of Leopard.  Fan or not, upgrading an OS when I could save myself the hassle is a no-brainer. 

Now I’m just building up the courage to part with a hefty chunk of change.  Mac Powerbooks are expensive, but I don’t think I can wait any more.  

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IBM Poopheads say LAMP Users Need to “grow up”

An oldie but a goodie from Ryan Tomayko on why LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP) is more than good enough for use in complex systems.  For me, the logic still holds. 

It’s a bit techie, but worth reading the first section at least.  Don’t be fooled by those Architecture Astronauts

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Starwars good, Rendition… not so much

Just saw Rendition.  I thought the acting was great, the story was typical and contrived.  Probably 3 stars, but I was so annoyed by the reliance upon clichés and characters making stupid, predictable decisions, that it only gets two stars.

Meryl Streep is probably my top actress ever.  Such a great baddie in this movie.

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