FAST Search site collection features are not activated

I’ve recently created a new SharePoint site collection but was missing the FAST features out of the Site Collection Settings. I had a site collection within the same Web Application where the features were present and so was very confused. I already had added myself to the FASTSearchAdministrators and the FASTSearchKeywordAdministrators groups on my FAST server which can also keep the FAST options hidden, and besides, I already had them visible elsewhere.

There were no obvious features to activate within the Site Collection features, and I had standard, enterprise & publishing features enabled. Noting the url of one of the pages in the working site collection I tried loading it up in the broken one. For example:

  • site/workingSC/_layouts/contextualkeywordmanagement.aspx
  • site/brokenSC/_layouts/contextualkeywordmanagement.aspx

At this point I got the standard SharePoint error popup with the message FAST Search site collection features are not activated. Pretty obvious what’s going on, the feature isn’t activated and there’ s no obvious way to do so via the UI.

Finding the Feature GUID

Digging through the API using Reflector reveals this method which any reasonable developer can infer will give you the error message above.

private static void ValidatePremiumSiteCollectionFeature()
   if (SPContext.Current.Site.Features[new Guid(SearchAdminConstants.FAST_SITE_ADMIN_FEATURE_ID)] == null)

A little more use of Reflector gets you the GUID for the FAST Site Admin Feature (5EAC763D-FBF5-4d6f-A76B-EDED7DD7B0A5).

Armed with this guid you can get the Feature definition. You don’t need it, but it’s interesting regardless (I’ve never seen this available via the UI).

Get-SPFeature | ? { $ -eq “5EAC763D-FBF5-4d6f-A76B-EDED7DD7B0A5” }

DisplayName                    Id                                       Scope                         
-----------                    --                                       -----                         
SearchExtensions               5eac763d-fbf5-4d6f-a76b-eded7dd7b0a5     Site

From here, if you want to add the feature to a site collection simply run the following PowerShell

$siteWithNoFastFeatures = get-SPSite http://mysite/noFAST

7 comments on “FAST Search site collection features are not activated

  1. Wow, this was the exact solution I needed and was looking for yesterday. Great timing.

    I wish I knew why this feature wasn’t already associated with the site collection, but I’m glad to have it working now.

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  4. This is really nice! Thanks so much for posting this solution.
    Now, the 40M $$ question is, how and why this feature is gone by sudden?
    I did create two or three FAST Search Center sites for testing purposes, and all then no more there.
    I tried to recreate a new one, and no option available for it.
    Thanks in advance

  5. I did as mentioned by you but I get the following error :

    Exception calling “Add” with “1” argument(s): “Feature ‘SearchExtensions’ (ID:
    5eac763d-fbf5-4d6f-a76b-eded7dd7b0a5) is already activated at scope ‘mysitecolection’.”
    At line:1 char:37
    + $siteWithNoFastFeatures.Features.Add <<<< ("5EAC763D-FBF5-4d6f-A76B-EDED7DD7B
    + CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (:) [], MethodInvocationException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : DotNetMethodException

    Still trying to solve the issue ..tried everything 🙁

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